5 comments on “1 Way Streaming Video Is Killing Pay TV

  1. Who said anything about free. I said they should offer more online content yes but it doesn’t have to be free, Netflix isn’t free, Hulu Plus isn’t free, the free content usually comes with commercials, heck so does the paid for content. Television networks don’t have to go extinct is what I’m saying. ABC and a few other networks have already started allowing their programming to be aired online a day after it airs on tv on Hulu. Hulu and Netflix have begun creating their own quality exclusive original programming. HBO needs to change it’s model and allow non cable subscribers to subscribe to their online content, not saying HBO has to offer it up for free but they should make it more available.

    • You said “you” hadn’t paid for content in three years. I assume now that you mean you haven’t paid for cable. You still have to pay for Netflix, Hulu and watch the advertising on on ABC. So you’re still paying. what you’re asking for is the ability to time shift what you watch and buy it ala cart. I agree with you then that the Old School TV networks have to get on board with that. The cable and satellite company’s are doing what they can. But they are being hamstrung by the media giants that will not unbundle their products. But Caveat Emptor unbundleing may actually raise prices on most people.

    • The problem with the Television Networks going extinct is then where does all the programing you get for free come from. There are only so many You Tube videos of “cats doing funny thing” that you can watch in a day.
      Unless there is money to pay for the programming, the quality programming will not get made…and if it does it will be on pay channels you don’t get for free.

      You can’t have free and quality at the same time.

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